S. No. Type Title Date Venue Participants Detail
1. On campus Oyster Mushroom cultivation technology 1/19/2022 To 1/22/2022 CAZRI KVK Pali 30 A famers training on ‘Mushroom cultivation’ was organised by the CAZRI KVK Pali-Marwar. A total of 30 farm women participated in the training programme. The training programme was focused on the cultivation technology of Oyster mushroom, milky mushroom and button mushroom. KVK scientist delivered lectures on the same and also arranged the practical session Mushroom Unit of KVK. All the participants showed their keen interest in Mushroom cultivation.
2. Off campus ‘Preparation of land and selection of variety of Jayad season vegetable seeds 2/21/2022 To 2/21/2022 Bomadra village, Pali 29 An off campus training was organised in Bomadra village of Pali district to give the knowledge about importance of vegetables and fruits for good health of human being and how a nutri garden helps in providing fresh vegetables and fruits on daily basis. During training a method demonstration was given on how to prepare land and layout for nutri garden. The knowledge about improved varieties of fruits and vegetables also has given to them. The improved varieties of vegetables seed for jayad season also distributed in closing session of training.
3. Off campus Production technology of summer vegetables 4/15/2022 To 4/15/2022 Dhamli, Pali 18 CAZRI KVK organised a off-campus training on ‘Production technology of summer vegetables’ at Dhamli village. KVK experts delivered lectures on summer vegetable production, IPM in vegetables etc.
4. Off campus IPM in summer vegetables 4/23/2022 To 4/23/2022 Hemawas, Pali 15 A off-campus training on IPM in summer vegetables organised by KVK Pali at Hemawas village of Pali. Lectures delivered on vegetable production technology and Integrated pest management in summer vegetables, also made field visit of nearby farmers filed.
5. Off campus Napier grass production technology 4/27/2022 To 4/27/2022 Naya Gaon, Pali 25 A off-campus training on ‘Napier grass production technology’ organised by KVK Pali at Naya Gaon village of Pali. Different lectures delivered by KVK experts, also visited nearby farmers fields.